Catamount Solar: Company Profile


Year Founded: 2011
Year(s) of Employee Ownership Implementation: 10 (company founded as a workers coop)
Headquartered in: Randolph, VT
Number of Employees: 22
Revenue: $6.5 million
Line of Business:  Design and installation of solar power systems for homes, farms and businesses.  Also installing home battery storage systems, cold climate heat pumps, back-up generators, and eV chargers
Profile last updated: August 11th, 2021

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Catamount Solar is a local, Vermont-based, member-owned worker’s cooperative specializing in affordable, high-quality solar power system design and installation services. They are the go-to photovoltaic installation company in Vermont.

The Catamount Solar installers working at your home or business are employee-owners of the company. They have a vested interest in ensuring that your system is properly designed, built and functioning. Catamount’s employee-owners have a built-in succession plan, which ensures the company’s longevity. As a local Vermont company, all profits stay in the local economy.

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