Deconstruction Works: Company Profile


Year Founded: 2014
Year(s) of Employee Ownership Implementation: 2014
Headquartered in: West Dummerston, VT
Additional Offices in: New Hampshire, Western Mass. 
Number of Employees: less than 10
Line of Business: Salvage and reuse of houses and commercial interiors (Green Demolition)
Profile last updated: December 30th, 2020

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Deconstruction Works’ mission is to provide a meaningful service and excellent customer satisfaction while recovering usable building materials destined for the landfill.


"Deconstruction employs 4-5 green collar workers for every demolition position, bringing benefit to the local green jobs economy. Building materials that are deconstructed retain embodied energy and can be reused by those with limited means to create and repair their housing. Environmental benefits of this include reduced landfill waste, decreased energy costs, and conservation of natural resources.

On employee ownership, Deconstruction Works says, "The two central characteristics of worker cooperatives are: (1) worker-members invest in and own the business together, and it distributes surplus to them and (2) decision-making is democratic, adhering to the general principle of one member-one vote."