DuBois & King, Inc.


Year Founded: 1962
Years of Employee Ownership: ESOP created in 1993
Headquarters: Randolph, VT
Number of Employees: 120
Revenue: Three-year average: $15 Million+
Line of business: Engineering consulting

DuBois & King is a multidisciplined, consulting engineering firm providing planning, permitting, and design services for federal and state agencies, municipalities, health care and education facilities, industrial and commercial building projects, energy producers, and the telecommunication industry.

"DuBois & King's success is directly attributable to the talent, intelligence, commitment, and enthusiasm of our employee-owners," said a company spokesperson. "Our employee-owners focus on building relationships and delivering great service that contributes to the health, safety, and well-being of the communities we serve."


The firm is employee-owned and remains committed to being a locally-owned professional services firm. The firm seeks to provide opportunities for professionals who have a passion for their discipline area and senior management is committed to providing the necessary support to facilitate the success and continual growth of the firm’s service providers