New School of Montpelier: Company Profile

Year Founded: 2005
Year(s) of Employee Ownership Implementation: 2015
Headquartered in: Montpelier, VT
Additional Programs: West Glover & Barre VT
Number of Employees: 58 employees
Line of Business: Special Education
Profile last updated: 2021-01-20

The New School of Montpelier is a learning community committed to preparing individuals with unique and complex challenges for successful lives. Using evidence based practices to promote independence, communication, social/emotional skills and academic growth, within a culture of safety and belonging.

NSM is now in its sixteenth year of operation and sixth as a worker owned cooperative providing special education and related services to school districts as well as operating an adult services program for graduates. They operate three year round educational programs in Montpelier and one in West Glover for co-ed students ages of 4-22 and as well as a program in Barre for adult graduates. The New School of Montpelier emphasizes community based learning. Transition planning begins at enrollment; some students transition back to public school, others into adult programs, and some go on to live independently in the community.   









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