Employee Owners of Vermont raise more than $30,000 for Vermont Foodbank during Employee Ownership Month

In celebration of Employee Ownership Month, the Employee Owners of Vermont, an active group of local employee-owned companies, raised more than $30,865 and collected 480 pounds of food in October for the group’s fifth annual fundraiser for the Vermont Foodbank.

The $30,865 raised during the fundraiser equals around $126,746 worth of food, or 35,207 meals, for Vermont residents. Accounting for the 480 pounds of food items that EOVT teams also donated locally, the total amount donated amounts to 42,729 pounds of food.

The participating companies--Vermont Information Processing, VHV Company, PC Construction, Stone Environmental, Hallam-ICS, 89 North, Birdseye, Switchback Brewing Company, Phoenix Feeds, Alliance Group and PT360--set the target of raising $25,000 for the Vermont Foodbank this year.

Employee Owners of Vermont was formed in September 2018 out of a wish to work together and benefit Vermont communities. In its first Foodbank Fundraiser that October, the group of employee owners raised $17,800 for Vermont Foodbank. The group has collaborated on a variety of community service projects and events in its first four years, but it’s primary focus has been hunger relief.