PC Construction Company: Profile

PC Construction

Year Founded: 1958
Year(s) of Employee Ownership Implementation: 2009
Headquartered in: South Burlington, VT
Additional Offices: Florida, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York, and North Carolina
Number of Employees: 400 employees
Revenue: Annual Volume Average of $500 million
Line of Business: Construction

PC Construction provides integrated construction services in a diverse range of markets. They offer construction management, design-build and general contracting services for projects of all sizes, whether a single office fit-up or a water supply program valued at over $300 million. From specialized buildings in the northeast to complex water and wastewater treatment plants in the southeast, PC is ranked annually as one of the top contractors in the country.

In 2009, PC transitioned to a 100% employee-owned company and PC employees understand that their individual and collective actions drive the performance of the company.

Jay Fayette, PC Construction President and CEO says, “Our diverse team of employee-owners makes us a better company, helps us make better decisions, and drives the best results every day. Everything we build is from a unique ownership perspective which makes our services more focused, collaborative and personalized.