VEOC issues RFP for 2022 Vermont Capital Guide Development

December 12, 2022

Vermont Employee Ownership Center is accepting proposals for the creation of a set of documents intended to provide guidance and templates for employee-owned companies and employee groups seeking alternative financing to convert their company to employee ownership.


  1. A guide written in non-technical language that defines a menu of options available for raising capital in Vermont, and provides detailed guidance for each option around the boundaries of each one (who can be raised from, how much can be raised, how an offering can be advertised, required processes and filings to raise, etc.). The guide will include both intra- and inter-state options.

  2. A set of boiler-plate offering documents optimized to conform to Vermont law that can be used to inexpensively structure raising capital. Templates to be developed include, but are not limited to:

a. Interest-only note

b. Amortized note

c. Revenue share note

d. Earn-out

e. Preferred stock (worker co-op optimized)

Applicant Qualifications: Applicant is expected to have experience with legal work and writing. If not a lawyer licensed in Vermont, the applicant is expected to include a plan and budget for a lawyer to review and finalize the deliverables in their proposal.

Application: To be considered for this contract, please submit the following by January 31 to [email protected]:

  1. A letter outlining your qualifications and an overview of your intended work process.

  2. A project budget, including a list of prospective subcontractors, if any. The maximum budget for this project is $25,000.

  3. A resume and writing sample for the individual(s) who would be working on the project.