VEOC Partners with Burlington Community Economic Development Office to Educate on Employee Ownership Options

The Vermont Employee Ownership Center (VEOC) and the Burlington Community Economic Development Office (CEDO) are pleased to announce their co-sponsorship of a free “lunch and learn” seminar on employee ownership as an ownership succession option for Burlington business owners. This event is a follow-up to two trainings that the VEOC has provided CEDO staff to help familiarize them with how employee-ownership exits work, as well as how to identify companies that might be good candidates for that path.

The seminar, which includes a free lunch for attendees, runs from 11:30am to 1pm on Tuesday, May 22, and will cover the two most common forms of broad-based employee ownership used for succession, ESOPs and worker cooperatives, as well as the process by which a sale the employees can happen.

Says presenter and VEOC Co-Executive Director Matt Cropp: “Burlington companies like Gardener’s Supply, Switchback Brewing, and PT-360 are great examples of how employee ownership can drive performance while giving the broad group of employees to participate in their company’s financial success. Employee-ownership exits are a win-win-win-win proposition for business owners, employees, companies, and communities, and we’re excited for the opportunity to partner with CEDO to ensure this option is understood in Burlington.”

This opportunity is made possible with the support of a grant from the Democracy at Work Institute.