11/9: Worker Co-op Conversation in Burlington with Equal Exchange Co-Founder Rink Dickinson

News Story: 

Join the VEOC and Burlington-area worker co-op members for an evening of discussion and pizza with Equal Exchange co-founder Rink Dickinson! Doors are at 6:30 pm, and Rink will give a short talk followed by Q&A around 7:00. The event will take place at 156 North Winooski Ave in Burlington.

About Equal Exchange: Since its founding in 1986, this unique 100+-member worker-owned co-operative has helped pioneer a new socially responsible model for trade with small farmers in impoverished countries, the system now known as Fair Trade. Rink and the other two co-founders, Michael Rozyne and Jonathan Rosenthal, opted to forego the privilege that normally accrues to entrepreneurs, and instead structured their company as a worker co-operative, where every employee would have the chance to be an equal owner, with one voting share regardless of rank or seniority. The organization has become well known both for its success in scaling the worker co-op model, as well as for its innovative approaches to worker co-op financing.

If you plan on attending, please RSVP here, so we can have a rough estimate of the amount of pizza we will need to order.