Chippers Inc. Achieves Employee Ownership Dream

After numerous conversations over the years with the leadership of Woodstock, Vermont-based Chippers, Inc., VEOC was excited to learn last week that they have joined the employee ownership community by merging with Davey Tree!

Davey Tree, which is headquartered in Ohio, is the ninth largest ESOP company in the United States, and has long been a high-visibility champion of employee ownership, both internally and through its active participation in local and national organizations. 

The Chippers team recognizes that employee ownership will allow it to effectively retain both its employees and local identity. The Chippers President and CEO, Mundy Wilson Piper, says that this decision was made with both employees and clients in mind, stating, “It’s crucial to me that all those on staff today and in the future will have the opportunity to become employee owners and their jobs will remain local."

She expands on this, stating in her announcement of the decision that, “my long-awaited dream to see the Chippers team become employee-owners is now being realized. Chippers will be backed up by extensive financial resources and employees now have access to advancement opportunities I could not have provided as an independent owner.”

Vermont Employee Ownership Center extends our congratulations to Chippers’ newly minted employee-owners, and is excited to welcome them to the Green Mountain State’s vibrant employee ownership community!

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